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Last year, Not Another Ricer hosted a Honda centric event in New York City partnered with Prime NYC and it was one of my favorite events of the year. It's been a little while since I road tripped to the tri-state area so NAR's latest meet was the perfect excuse to make the trek.

At 6am (gross) I linked up with my homie Matias in his K24 DC2 Integra on the Mass Pike and loaded up with an irresponsible amount of espresso to make the 4 hour drive down to New Jersey.

This event wasn't just a Honda meet, but an event hosted by NAR is naturally going to bring out some awesome Honda builds. New York and New Jersey generate some of the best Hondas in North America and it's exciting to see what's new and what changed over winter at the first few events of the year.

A good CL9 TSX always gets me going but this was even more exciting being a legit CL7 Accord Euro R with crisp OEM and Mugen styling.

I don't know why we don't see more Spoon themed Honda Beats. I don't think they make many Beat specific parts, but this one ran a host of Spoon accessories while capturing the vibe of a Spoon catalogue build.

The color combination and fitment on this E46 M3 was as perfect as it gets.

Vin had a booth for Crown Speed Lab and his girl Ash's scent company but their display was far overshadowed by these two puppies.

The S2000 show out was strong, almost matching the Civic attendance. This black S2K looked hard as nails with subtle styling changes. A CR lip and what I believe is a Shift Sports hood complete the front while Spoon mirrors and Car Shop Glow tails round out the rest of the exterior.

Some of the best aero for the 6th generation Civic is Type R OEM so if you have an EK9 Type R, light accents are the move, especially when digging through the Spoon catalogue.

This EG ran Mode Parfume x Exceed's new front bumper/splitter setup and their side skirts in carbon fiber with Chargespeed fenders breaking up the Exceed catalogue. A B-series floats in it's perfectly shaved engine bay.

I love Eddie's ASM S2000 and his switch from TE37s to Enkei RC-T5s. Enkei makes plenty of cool wheels that everyone seems to forget about and this is a hot look!

I couldn't stop thinking about this G35. It reminds me of back when stance builds used to be about crisp styling and visually appealing fitment. Perfect fitment, perfect fenders, crisp and simply styling.

Dalton just picked his EF up from Suprlife Studio after getting some styling updates including painting a Southsiiiiide Sweeper lip and shaving the factory exhaust cut out after switching to a Zero Fighter center exit.

I love the raw feeling of this DC2.

Outside, this AP1 looked simple with a few accessories and Mugen MF10s while inside a pair of blue Recaros and a Cusco dash-dodger cage dominate the interior.

It's by no means common, but it is exciting to see more Varis FK8s being built. The busy lines of this kit are complemented well by Volk CE28s. Still hoping to see one with a Varis wide body as well.

Next to the Varis FK8 was a matching Sonic Gray Pearl FK8 running the more popular Mugen aero with a towering J's Racing wing. The Mag Blue on it's CE28s highlights the blueish hue of the paint well.

I wish I was able to find out what this made for power, but the intense diet and Sheepey FMIC must mean it's at the very least very fast.

USDM/UKDM fronts are making a resurgence on DC2s, at least locally. Regardless of the front, it's cool seeing a build of this caliber with cool parts and style that sees the track time these parts were built to see.

This Challenger R/T sat static over huge Work VS-KFs. Interesting build for sure.

Being fast doesn't mean you have to be ugly. This S2000 features a host of Voltex aero that sees track time while still holding it down at shows.

This Acty was actually pretty stylish which is rare for them in the US.


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