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Final Bout 5 - Part 2

Yeah I suck. After posting the Knuckle Up coverage, I realized I never posted part 2 of my Final Bout 5 coverage. I decided rather than quietly delete "part 1" from the last post, I'd get all these pictures out of my archive and share them for the fuck of it and whip up a little article. With Final Bout 6 fast approaching, I had to get these up now or never!

Once the sun sets, the vibe of the event changes. The comp runs are over and with nothing to practice for, it's a free for all with drivers' only goal to put on a show.

Maybe it's because most events are during the day, maybe it's the decreased visibility, or maybe it's the romance of feeling like you're in one of those grainy videos of drifting in the early morning hours in Japan; something about drifting in the dark feels special.

Whatever the case is, I enjoy drifting night events, I love shots at night, and I struggle to shoot drifting at night!

Here's a controversial opinion - I love Z33s and think the VQ is a good motor. The issue is most owners have no taste. One of the biggest fumbles is playing into how round this chassis looks stock and making it rounder with tall, bubbly aero. A more GT oriented style like this is perfect, especially with a long nose front end like this INGS+1 bumper.

Eric Chob's GS300 is exciting to watch because it moves like a much smaller car. It's propelled by a 500whp 2JZGTE swap so obviously it's fast, but it's the cornering capability that impresses most. The agility of this big beast is incredibly impressive and almost unsettling to watch because of how quick and hard it transitions and sets into a line. The style is equally exciting with Kazama aero, Car Modify Wonder 180SX flares, and a Raysfactory low mount GT wing making an equally athletic aesthetic to match his driving.

The JZS161 is a fairly slept on chassis for drifting but the JZS147 is almost non-existent which is a bummer. I was stoked to see this one out ripping, especially looking good doing it.

I didn't realize until editing photos, but it's insane how many IS300s there are at events now. They're almost on par with Z33s as far as popularity.

That said, if they look as good as this Vertex kitted one, I'm fine with the IS domination.

Honestly a perfect S13. M Sports aero blends the line between big kit and mild aero like Type X or Hot Road, SSR Minervas, and a bay housing an SR20 adorned with a bunch of cool parts.

You don't see a lot of imported X8s in America. I believe this one is running Serial Nine Type 1 aero and Gulf Stitch wheels. X8s look very pedestrian stock but aero and wheels really makes these things look incredible.

This S14 was awesome looking. I believe it's running Origin aero with a PS Duce front bumper. The headlight retrofit was my favorite part.

The style on this S14 was perfect. The BN Sports aero, sleek vented hood, and Uras drag wing really elongate the car for a very dramatic look.

The Muse S14 has been through a few iterations with the current being the most aggressive. Car Modify Wonder comprises the bulk of the aero but that wing is my favorite part.

The Muse JZX90 Chaser in matching candy red looked rad. Volk GT-Cs are God's wheel as far as I'm concerned.

The Crochouse R34 in all it's BN Sports glory. Dude drives the wheels off this thing every event I see him at!

As always, full album on Flickr!

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