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Miami Nights With Nelson and Nelson

I spent the past couple weeks down in South Florida on vacation with my family and used it as an opportunity to see some friends and take some pictures. Over the course of ten days, I put about 1,600 miles on my rental car traveling throughout the state trying to make the most of my time down there. My first day trip was fresh off the plane. I dumped my luggage off at my condo in SWFL and ripped east to Miami to see Nelson of Adult Vacation.

Every Thursday Beat Culture Brewery in Miami hosts a themed car meet, this week being Volkswagens, but Nelson said him and his homies were bringing out some drift cars to crash the event.

Richard Ribeiro of Superwow Factory came to hang out. I saw his car when I first pulled up and thought there was no way it was his because he lived in California but it turns out he recently moved out to Florida. His BN Sports equipped FC3S is insane looking. One of few yellow cars I love, it had a contrasting blue interior to create an even louder appearance. It sits on Panasport G7 C5C2s that have been widened to fill out the enormous over fenders. G7s are one of my all time favorite wheels, some true holy grail stuff!

Nelson, the man of the hour, brought his S13 (more on that later). He's lived only a couple hours away from where I visit Florida for work and to see my Grandmother but we haven't been able to link up until this night, a few days before he moved to Texas!

This Levin front AE86 coupe hid an SR20DET in its engine bay. I forgot to take a picture of it, but it had a rad lace paint job on its roof.

This R32 GTS-T was a lesson in OEM+ styling. The front bumper, front lip, and wing were borrowed from an R32 GTR while the wheels are from an R33 GTR. Inside featured matching red interior accessories to the deep AH3 red metallic paint.

The last picture I captured (in focus) was Danny O'Connor's wide as hell S13 coupe. Pink paint covers an Origin Lab kit with huge 50mm over fenders.

After everyone else left, the Nelsons decided to hit a spot nearby to snap some pictures for the last time both of these cars are together in Miami.

These two look like they were built to be together. Both cars have a different style to them, but there's a definite cohesiveness as a pair.

Nelson of Adult Vacation's S13 wears a full M Sports kit, including overs, and obviously a set of Ganador mirrors. Take note of that side skirt to ground relationship, kids, this is a proper height for a D car.

The hood is also an M Sports item housing a KA24 power plant. Underneath the overs are a set of chrome SSR Minervas from his hoard of Minervas, none of which he'll sell me.

Nelson of Night Drive brought out his recently completed second S-chassis. His original is a blue GT1 kitted hatch but, given how pristine it is and his personal attachment, he decided to build a sister car to it specifically for drifting to alleviate wear and tear on the other one.

This one wears a replica of the GT1 kit on his blue car so it stings less if he cracks it with genuine Car Modify Wonder over fenders (flex). The hood is an Origin Lab Type II item as well as the GT wing. Underneath that hood is an SR20 making around 300whp with minor bolt ons.

His wheel setup is a 17/18 staggered set of Gram Lights 57DRs. I feel like I'm tired of Gram Lights until I see a car look as perfect as this wearing a set. It's possible they're getting to the same point as wheels like TE37s and BBS RSs where they never look bad necessarily so people choose them by default, whether they're the best option for the application or not. So when one does pull it off well, it reminds us why they got popular in the first place!

As you're reading this, Adult Nelson has already moved into his new home in Texas and drove his first event out there with Knuckle Up immediately upon arrival. I'm stoked I had the opportunity to finally link up with Nelson in Miami while he still lived there and now I have an excuse to visit Texas. It was a wonderful surprise meeting Night Drive Nelson as well! I've followed him for a while but didn't know he was that close all this time.

Hopefully I'll have more stories and coverage from Florida this coming winter as I should be back to my normal schedule of traveling down there for work, friends, and family. As for this trip, there's one more article to come.

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