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Street Spot - Wald LX570

I'm not going to lie, I felt like a total creep shooting these photos outside a bubble tea shop of a complete stranger's car. However, I always loved those early SpeedHunters articles of contributors running around Japan documenting what they came across. So I channeled my inner SpeedHunter and hustled around the car snapping photos as efficiently as possible before I had to have a conversation.

I was making a quick boba run with some friends at our local haunt and while looking for parking we stumbled across this behemoth parked on a dead end street. This 200 series LX570 F Sport was sporting nearly the entire Wald catalogue for this chassis except for the optional big brake kit.

Wald's Sports Line comes in 2 variations: standard body program and wide body program. Standard body features this aggressive front apron, a similarly aggressive rear apron, and an elegant tailgate spoiler.

This particular LX sported the Wide Body Program which offers a further 45mm of clearance giving the ability to house enormous 24" wheels!

The wheels in question are Wald's own J11C model in Diamond Black Polish sized at a massive 24x10.5 with a -5 offset.

Completing the Wald exterior package is their stainless side exit catback exhaust. I didn't get to hear it, but videos on youtube lead me to believe it sounds rad as hell!

I don't think I've ever actively desired a 200 series Land Cruiser/LX570 until the moment I saw this thing parked up. It emits such a powerful and intimidating presence standing still. I'd imagine seeing it fill up your rear mirror would generate a little anxiety.

Vip SUVs and vans are far from uncommon in Japan, but for sure a rarity in the states.


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