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Wekfest New Jersey 2023 Part 2

This article is about 3 weeks later than I anticipated but things happen and it's here now! This is a crazy busy time of year so let's think back to a time where things were a little more relaxed like a few months ago at Wekfest New Jersey. I always forget just how many Hondas are at this event until I'm trying to spread them out in an article. That said, there's a lot of other cool stuff coming out of the woodwork for the North East installment of Wekfest's tour.

Quan Duong's ND was on display at the Weds booth rocking TC105Xs. The style on this ND is something that's lacking in so many other ND Miatas. With how much cool aero is out there for the latest Roadster, it's a crime not to take advantage of it! Garage Vary Type 3 front lip and fenders bleed into R Magic skirts. Out back is a Jetstream rear diffuser and a custom center exit exhaust. Valenti tail lights are shaded by what I think is a Varis wing but I'm not sure on that. Spoon style mirrors in contrasting black is also a cool addition.

I got a iPhone snap of this EK3 sedan in the 7's Day 2023 coverage but got to take a closer look at Wekfest. The car has a very bulldog-ish look to it with Exceed's lip and their widened and radiused front fenders on the kouki front with OEM aero covering the rest. A K swap spins fat R888s over Spoon SW388s.

JD Duong's BRZ - seemingly a rare choice for this generation over the GT86 - looked tough sporting HKS Type-S aero accented with a Sard wing and Varis hood. Rays Versus VT125S are an unusual choice amongst a sea of TE37s but they're for sure a slept on design and do a good job of showing off the Blitz BBK behind them. What also isn't seen is the full Cusco suspension catalogue.

I cover this car at every event in NY because it's easily one of my favorites. Car Craft Boon widened fenders house 17 inch CE28s with 16s out back. J Blood's half carbon front bumper is the focal point up front while a few inches back, a shaved bay highlights a lot of titanium dripping off a K swap. EC Works mirrors, a Sergent rear diffuser, and C West side steps are additional stylish accessories.

SW20 show cars/stance cars are relatively rare but this one made a case for them. The whole color coordination of the wheel and brake setup with the BBK and rotor hats matching the sticker and bolts on the Work Meister S1s was perfect.

It's impossible to have a Voltex Evo and it not look sick.

Will Do's kouki GT86 has an aggressive presence to it.

Wed Hase Spec II on a Mitsubishi Pajero Evo in a classic Ralliart livery.

Re-lipped Mugen MR5s adoring this Milano Red EG hatch are a perfect choice.

Deadly serious EK hatch with a massive turbo. It's cool to see a car with a singlular focus still have showcar presentation. The interior shot is horrendous but the chopped carbon dash and door cards had to be shown off.

BMW's E24 is one of the brand's most striking designs to hit the market. The lines on the "shark nose" coupe cannot be topped by many of their contemporaries; especially when they're lowered a ton and the massive fenders are filled to the max.

My love of 4 door Integras is immeasurable!

I feel like the Q70 was forgotten about. It's like a sportier Lexus LS with some truly elegant body lines that this one emphasizes on with SSR TF1s tucked into the swoopy fenders.

I didn't notice the supercharger hiding in this FA5's engine bay until just now. The Fiji Blue (?) on here matches the Spoon brakes almost perfectly and is one of Honda's best colors they offered.

The how or why doesn't matter right now - getting to check out a legit FD2 in the states was exciting!

Another dimension to seperate this Spoon EG are the rare yellow Recaro SR3 standing out proudly tying in the Spoon yellow valve cover while contrasting the rest of the blue Spoon accessories.

Hasemi Pro TS are a rare and obscure choice on this JDM EK but a cool and period addition without a doubt.

Big flex having two modded GT3 RS parked next to each other. The question is - 991.1 or 991.2?

Chris's sedan is always exciting to walk around. If there's a track day or car show in the tri-state, you can usually find him and his B18C R powered machine.

A pretty pistachio green Datsun 510 on Techno Phantoms is cool in itself, but an SR20DET lurking below the hood makes it even cooler.

I loved seeing a kei sports car that's actually modified. This Cappuccino had some bolt ons installed onto it's little turbo inline 3. Realistically I can't imagine making a ton more power is really going to be achieved without going wild, but with a car this size, a little goes a long way. It's also just fun to pop the hood and see a bunch of funky stuff going on.

I have so many events to edit photos for and nothing's timely so I have no idea what's coming next so keep your eyes peeled!

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