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Curry's ND

A couple weekends ago, homies Jason, Jing and I embarked on a day trip to Long Island to buy some new wheels for Jason's BRZ which ended up being a bit of a marathon. First stop was friend Brandon Ayende's house to pick up the set of wheels he was selling to Rayan, aka Curry, to replace the wheels he was selling off his FRS to Jason since we would be passing Brandon anyway. Since we wanted to be efficient and comfortable, I decided the smart thing to do would be to borrow my father's Navigator with all its space and dependability to haul wheels, us, and negotiate NY potholes in worry free comfort. About three miles from Brandon's and four hours from home, it started to run a little hot, and once we arrived, it was pegged on H. After investigation, we found the radiator was bone dry. Still not sure where the coolant went, but shoutout to Brandon for hooking us up with a whole lot of coolant!

I have to say though, it's been chugging along without coolant for quite some time and it's still running strong...


On the way over to Curry's he told us he had just gotten a call that someone from Massachusetts was on their way up from NJ with an out of the blue offer to buy his FRS. Turns out, we knew who they were so we hung around while they looked over the car and I spent some time poring over Curry's ND Miata. I had no intention of shooting pictures this trip and left my camera home so this set is an iPhone special. That said, this ND was rad looking and awaiting some changes so I wanted to capture it in it's current state for a quick write up.

Similar to his FRS, this ND has a simple but effective aero package that accentuates the car's style and sporting purpose. Up front is a Garage Vary front lip and what I believe are Odula side skirts in carbon fiber.

The fenders are occupied by bronze TE37Vs with fatty Bridgestone RE71R footwear and Brembo brakes to make things stop.

Out back is a Garage Vary diffuser and a ducktail wing that I can't identify.

The exhaust might have been my favorite part of all. The twin pie cut turn downs was such a rad look!

I think the dead rear view is my favorite of all. Something I forgot to take a picture of was the interior which featured Bride seats and a wild looking Momo steering wheel which can be seen here.

Hopefully I'll see more of this car later in the year and really dig into it.

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