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Got Some Film Developed and Now It's Your Problem

I have no idea how to run a website if I'm honest. Most of this site has been me blindly feeling through web design hoping things work. For this post, I'm experimenting with how I host photos on here so if it comes out all funky and shitty, let me know and I'll try to fix that.

Anywho, I got some film I've been sitting on and some recent rolls developed and wanted to share some of them. Some will preview future posts and some are just for fun!

Late last year, we assembled some of the local Honda boys from a group chat we have to cruise around the north shore of Massachusetts. Here are three flavors of EK; K series zenki hatch, GSR swapped kouki hatch, and ITR swapped kouki coupe.

Mike Camadeco and Thanh Nguyen took their S2000s out for a rip!

The homie Ed Guerrero brought out his CRX Si on Volk CV Pros. After buying this car stock in Cali, he's made it cool and put a ton of miles on it.

Out in LA I hit some car events and saw some friends. Chilling at NORUSH HQ was pretty cool! I remember reblogging their stuff on Tumblr a decade ago and it's awesome to now consider them friends. This snap is Dom, co-owner of Position Advance, and his father's custom widebody 928. When Dom was younger, he competed in karting and his father transported their racing endeavor in this 928 to tracks. Imagine unloading your kart from your dad's F150 and a super wide 928 with a kart poking out the back pulls up next to you in the pits!!

Jay, also of Position Advance, is building this rad SR20DET S13 coupe for time attack. The style on this thing is super sick! You don't see many S13 grip cars, especially ones with style to them. The build is not yet complete having just been dropped off at RS Future for an aero package. I'm excited to see how this looks completed and what kind of times it puts down!

Another highlight of the trip was getting to reconnect in person with an old friend Rob Carmona! I met Rob back in the Wrong Fitment Crew forum days at H2Oi in Maryland and haven't seen him in person for a few years. He's one of those friends that feels like you pick back up right where you left off and you never want to stop talking with. I first met up with him and his insane static Y33 at the Illest State of Speed meet but spent most of the meet chilling with him. I did take some photos from the event though so more on his car and this event is coming soon.

The man in charge of hosting this event, also named Rob drives this VIP inspired KA7 Legend. I'm usually not a tan on tan kinda guy but I feel like it works here. This kyusha inspired Camry was pretty interesting too.

Seeing this thing crest a hill off in the distance was fucking insane.

Another event I hit while out there was a track day at Chuckwalla. Coverage of that coming soon too. Seeing a matching pair of 190E Cosworths was a surprise. I spent a lot of time marinating in their presence. This is a slept on chassis in my opinion but everyone shut up about it because I want to be able to afford one.

The event was very Honda heavy as I feel a lot of track days out there are. It's a welcome contrast to events in New England where cool Hondas are usually slim pickings at events.

I was captivated by this S2000! Something about it was just perfect. I took a ton of digital shots of it.

Back at home I got some snaps of Jing's 350Z at a usual hang out spot. Jing is also the owner of the supercharged FRS I share a lot and this is an additional car he's purchased recently as a "street car" so he can turn the FRS into more of a track focused machine.

A couple snaps while kicking it at Select Speed Shop with some friends.

I flew down to Florida for work in early April but took a day to road trip up to Tampa for an event and to see a friend. I didn't take my digital camera down but I took my film point and shoot and took some pics - not enough to do a proper coverage, but enough to feel like I should post it instead of it forever living in the archives.

The event was held on the main drag of this Cubanish/New Orleansy feeling kinda street and the mix of cars was very diverse for better or worse.

Of all the cars there, I was most surprised to see this Ford Escort RS Cosworth in Ford's Mystichrome color-flip paint. Everything about it was random, but it was the car I was most excited to see being both incredibly rare to see stateside and being painted such a special color.

Ok, maybe this was the most exciting car to see. I follow the owner of this GS on Instagram and can report, it has even more presence in person. Air suspension, BN Sports aero, and some FAT 20" Trafficstar DTXs have some insane impact. The pale pink and tons of chrome stands out amongst most since chrome and pale colors aren't in vogue at the moment but this car makes me wonder why that is.

Being Florida, the odds of seeing a donk are a lot higher than a lot of other places, but it's an unexpected surprise to see two parked up in a spectator lot.

I remember reading about this S14 in a magazine. The feature was in either Import Tuner, Modified, or Super Street, I forget. It was a perfect build, but what was in my opinion the most interesting part was the Work Equip 01s. Equip 01s aren't rare, and they still make them, but in a 5 lug they're incredibly rare featuring a 5 spoke design unlike the common 4 spoke, 4 lugs.

I was a big fan of this Mini on tiny SSR MK3s.

A crisp JZX100 is always a nice sight for sore eyes.

If this works like I want it to, you should be able to click each picture to open the Flickr link to the pic to download it instead of the usual link I throw at the bottom. If not, welp, oh well. Hoping to shoot more film this year in a meaningful sense rather than just fartin around with it.


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