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Film Memories of 2021

A couple weeks ago, I dropped off my Special Stage East film I had been saving in my secret beer and film fridge and after getting it back, realized none of it was SSE but a lot of random memories from throughout the year. So I have no idea where the film I thought this was is located. There's no coherent events in this round of film and a lot of it came out abnormally washed out and grainy so I figure it's worth sharing what I have as more of a gallery than a story.

Early in the spring, on a truly arctic day, I linked up with the homie Anthony Duong who was driving the Prospec Autosport 993. They were the premier vendor for Japanese car parts and accessories in New England for years but have recently pivoted from their typical Japanese demo cars for more exotic European chassis. Their 993 still keeps a Japanese flair with black Cayman-spec Advan GTs that match the black Advan GTs on their 991. One of these days I'll actually release the digital shoot of this car...

Spring time I spent a couple weeks breaking in Jing's built motor on his FRS because I drive a lot more than him. I was told there was a track day by Teve hosted by Masstuning at Palmer which is a solid hour and a half drive from home so I grabbed my camera and put some miles on the FRS to watch Teve rip in his new love; this ZZW30 MR-S.

There was a solid selection of Hondas in attendance balancing form and function well. Unlike the west coast, there's a severe lack of style in the circuit scene in the north east. New York/New Jersey is elevating their game rapidly and New England is finally starting to catch up.

The spread of cars were pretty diverse, even within my narrower scope of interest.

Ransom Garage came to hang out with their little Honda Acty Street on SSR MK2Rs.

This F80 M3 was a real cool Individual color. It sat pretty tough too.

Palmer is an unforgiving track. It's fast with little run off and has claimed many cars. This 996 was an unfortunate casualty of the day.

Chilled with another homie Adam Gray while he did some detail work on Jason's Fit and we got to poke around his big turbo 1.8T MK4 GTI. I've known Adam for years and he's had this 20th Anniversary GTI as long as I've known him and it's only gotten faster and better; same with his skills as a detailer which is growing into a steady side gig!

Lock City Drift held a skidpad day at Thompson while some other organization ran a time trial on the road course. Managed to grab a few snaps between runs of my own and napping in my passenger seat.

This tube frame "FD" was competing that day. Most of what remained of an actual FD RX-7 is what you can see from the outside.

Boston McLaren hosted a cars and coffee event to debut this pair of Koenigseggs which were cool to see in person.

Up the street were a couple perfectly executed Subarus attending the event. Both were covered in cool aero and Japanese dream parts sat over Volks.

Haywood Vo was parked up in the same lot with his supercharged E46 M3.


Spent a day installing Jing's AP Racing BBK onto his FRS with Teve, Jason, and TJ. Really would have been cool to have those while I had his car for a couple weeks.

My last shots off that film set were some memories from the 4th of July wing cook-off at Select Speed Shop, one of the best nights of my year by far. Spent the night chilling and consuming mass amounts of wings while poking around at cool cars they're working on and were brought by attendees.

After a year of fear and separation, it feels uplifting to celebrate friends and companionship.


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