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JDMASS: The Final Bow

JDMASS has been a New England staple for Japanese car culture - especially Hondas - for what feels like forever. It was both a facebook group and an event host, one of which was their reoccurring Fuddrucker's meet in Saugus. It had been a while given the recent happenings in the world since a meet was held there, but with the impending closure of the restaurant, it was the perfect excuse to host a final sendoff despite being late December. Thankfully it hadn't snowed yet so the roads were unsalted allowing people to bring out some cool stuff.

Mike Hogu came through with his OEM+ kouki EK coupe on SW388s. Hidden beneath it's Vogue Silver Metallic paint is a B18C ITR swap.

Similarly, Donald Phung brought out his OEM+ EK, a zenki hatch sporting the other flavor of Type R swap - a B16B mated to a CTR transmission.

Edwin came through in his JDM EK3 on Buddyclubs. This was the first time in a long time I've seen a set of ARC canards. Still sporting it's stock single cam, it makes the perfect cruiser.

I don't remember a disproportionate amount of 6th generation Civics, it might just be that I like them.

How about a break from Hondas with a C5 S6 Avant - a car I'd love to own myself some day. I've always preferred the luxury muscle cars from Mercedes' AMG division followed by the more sporting options from BMW's M group, but there's a special continent crushing vibe certain sporting Audis give off. They don't handle as well as BMW's offerings, or spin tires forever like an AMG, but there's an unstoppable feeling a fat, 4.2 V8, AWD wagon gives you as you hurl towards the horizon. All you need is a light drop and some 911 Turbo hollow spoke Twists.

Speaking of AMGs, this relatively rare SLK55 AMG popped in. Such a silly car. AMG took their smallest roadster and stuffed an NA 5.4l V8 into the tiny bay. There was even a Black Series version!

Johnny Heng's every changing S14 Silvia drift machine is always a pleasure to see. At the event it was running a Behrman Type B front bumper, Navan skirts, and a kouki rear with OEM spats. Advan TC4s in matching white are an uncommon wheel on drift chassis for some reason.

Two modern classics from Honda - the DC5 RSX and the 8th generation Si sedan. Despite how many exciting aero options there are, staying OEM and filling the fenders with as much TE37 and tire as you can is all you need styling-wise.

People are too quick to FD2 swap their FA5s. It's hard to argue against Japan's offering being the prettier option, but the USDM 8th was still a good looking car. This one was enhanced simply with an HFP front lip for it's zenki front end and some bright Volk RE30s contrasting against the Nighthawk Black Pearl paint.

Matias's K24 DC2 came wearing a set of 5 lug WedsSport TC05 from his collection.

With how cheap Maserati Gran Turismos are these days, I'm surprised you don't see more of them done up. Laying it out on air suspension over some HREs had a huge impact.

Someone made a Cayenne out of a Panamera.

Arron Zhao's ever changing Amuse/ASM S2000 has continued to evolve since I last posted it. The Amuse canards were painted black to add some contrast to the front and a massive Voltex type 7 swan neck looms behind it. Since this was shot, the TE37s were ditched for a set of CE28s to match his FL5 daily.

Believe it or not, New England has a lowrider culture and there's a few clubs around producing some heat. This '63 Impala was exciting to see protruding between a couple swapped Suzuki Sidekicks and a Benz.

Bagged X5M (I think it's an M) over some TEs.

A Terminator Cobra vert with slicks must be an insane vehicle to pilot! That power with that chassis rigidity must be spooky.

Berg's K swapped EK is currently torn apart for some big changes. I'm excited to see what the future holds for it!

It's weird how a lot of car culture revolves around external factors that have nothing to do with the culture. As much effort as we put into the preservation of car culture, at the end of the day, there's still so much outside of our control that directly affects how the culture evolves and continues. Fuddruckers - a chain of burger restaurants across the country - was a staple in this location for events that their corporate offices probably didn't even know existed, and it's closure is something that changes the landscape of the local car scene.

As always, full album is in the link below!

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