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Lock City Grassroots Hangout

Usually I attend every almost every Lock City event at Thompson Speedway as a driver and trying to shoot and drive is usually a huge pain so with my car being broken, I used this opportunity to actually walk around and snap pics. I didn't shoot much because I showed up late and spent most of the time talking to friends but figure I captured enough to show some local love on here.

Luis Fuentes's S14 was actually one of the first S-chassis I ever got up close and personal with. I think I was 17 at the time. Ten years later he's still at it and the car is better than ever! Origin aero, SR20DET, Gram Lights - the textbook combination!

Most BMWs in drifting are heinous and I don't understand why. Lock City has some killer looking ones though including Justin Noun's E30. His first drift car, an E46, was also sick and the E30 sedan that followed was on it's way before being too bent up to repair. His current E30 is an evolution of the old one and his best yet. Main exterior features are High Line skirts, M3 style bumpers, custom taillights, and CR Kais. It has a swap, I think it's an M50 (?) but I know nothing about BMW motors. Engine problems took the car off track early. A new swap will probably fix that. Another BMW motor of some variety.

Jake O'Hara and his brother Josh are maniacs. Both members of Street Heat, Jake's E30 (pictured) is SR20 powered making mid-300s and Josh's is making similar power with a KA-T in his E30 sedan. And both cars look good too. Wild!

Tim Kennedy was out testing new front end parts in his AE86. Tec-Arts aero, a 20v 4AGE, Porsche paint, and Work Equips. It's a show car and it rips!

Ralphy Perez's AE86 is actually kind of painful to be around on track. The BEAMs machine is loud and loves limiter.

Making their event debut after an SR swap and a complete style change was Ryan Coughlin and his S13. Ryan's S13 runs a seldom seen JBlood kit on 4 lug Grenade GX01s. If you look closely, you can see the other set of spares lurking in the back. Flex!

The Miata boys at Night Style are fun to watch rip around track. Jordan's NB8C is a rad example of the chassis. An ITB 1.9l powers it around track and sounds wild doing it. I've really enjoyed watching the evolution of this car into a super rad machine.

Lock City really loves Miatas.

If we're taking Miatas though, you have to mention Eric Peckham's NA. It started as a stance car and morphed into this weapon. I have no idea what his turbo build makes for power but it is a ton for such a small car and it rips!

Chris McQuaid, co-owner of Function Automotive, threw together this half parted out and abandoned 350Z from their shop's office park as a practice car while his S13 hatch undergoes surgery. All in, he's invested less than the current market price for an ok-ish Z33. We're all very jealous of this fortunate undertaking.

Anton Pavlov and his CA18 coupe were maximizing track time all day.

After a hiatus from drifting, Cole returned with his now NA SR powered, Silvia front coupe.

Subaru drift cars are cool, but only when they look cool. Tuan's 3.0 H6 powered Impreza looks rad and sounds weird in a good way. Like a Porsche's cousin.

PJ and his BN Sports FC are always a good time to see out at events.

Trent parked up in this pits with his Hijet on SSR MK1s

Like Miatas, Lock City loves an FC, and this one's a top 3 LCD participant for me.

Dan's SC looks excellent but even more so, out on track, it looked so comfy! I'm desperate for a big comfy D car.

OEM kouki aero is pretty tough looking when it's low as hell.

Next time I break my car I'll actually prepare and get a media pass to shoot the event for real.

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