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Encounter - Steven Libby's FC3S

I initially shot Steven Libby's FC3S over a year ago with the intent of doing a full feature on him, but since finally starting to put it together, the car's changed quite a lot. I'm also not stoked on how the pictures came out either, so I've decided to not let them go to waste and post a little something, but reshoot the car in the summer for a more deserving write up.

The FC began life as a granny gold NA model initially used as a winter car in New England's harsh winters as an alternative to a stanced DC2 Integra. Shortly after it evolved into Teve's main focus after selling the DC2 and acquiring a Volvo C30 for a daily.

The mods began with maintenance items and upgrades here and there like a set of BC coilovers and CR Kai reps. Steve soon caught the bug for track days and began focusing the car more on driving fun.

Things began to get a bit more focused as Steve acquired a set of Super Advan SA3Rs with grippy Falken RT615k tires, Corbeau bucket seats with harnesses, and a weld in half cage. Supplementing the previously fitted BC coils are a full set of Parts Shop MAX rear arms to ensure proper adjustability while Racing Beat sway bars and poly bushings throughout the car keep things firm.

A chance encounter with a Ram 2500 running over the FC's nose set the exterior transformation in motion. Its aero package consists of an RE Amemiya front guard, Shine Auto side skirts, and an RE Amemiya rear diffuser, finished off with an Agent wing and a headlight vent Steve made himself. After everything was acquired, the car was stripped of its granny gold and was repainted in a more stylish white.

After another year of NA rotary enjoyment, the opportunity to up the power figure arose when a friend bought a Turbo II FC as a drift car and wanted to part ways with its turbo 13b. Before fitting the new heart into his bay, Steve fitted an Atkins rotary rebuild kit to ensure the engine was as healthy as possible. An A'pexi SAFC NEO and HKS fuel cut defender take care of the electronics side of things while a Koyo radiator keeps the heat-prone engine cool. Making the most of the added power is a 4.11 LSD rear end from an automatic FC.

The Turbo II swap wasn't without its trials and tribulations, however. For about a year the car sat as it was plagued with intermittent running issues post-swap that seemed to crop up without reason. After what seemed like forever, the car was finally sorted for its first track outing under new propulsion only for it's turbo to fail under stress. Using the opportunity to upgrade, a BNR stage 2 hybrid turbo was chosen to replace the exhausted stock unit.

Evolution of this car will continue as time moves on as work has begun this winter on a V-mount setup with the associated air management mods, and who knows what else he has in stock for the future. Save for paint, Steve built the entirety of this car in a rented shop space with his own two hands. It's been a long term labor of love and will continue to serve him as a creative outlet as well as a vessel for track days and on-road enjoyment. I'm excited to see Steve finally get to enjoy the car on the street and out on track this year now that it's finally sorted.


RE Amemiya front bumper

Shine Auto side skirts

RE Amemiya rear diffuser

Agent wing

Custom headlight air duct


16x7.5 Super Advan SA3R

215/45 Falken Azenis RT615K

Stoptech brake pads

Stoptech slotted rotors


'88 Turbo II 13b swap

BNR stage 2 hybrid turbo

Koyo 3 pass radiator

Ford Taurus 2 speed radiator fan and shroud

Delrin engine mounts

Atkins rotary rebuild kit

Blitz BOV


HKS Fuel Cut Defender

Custom turboback exhaust


Mazdatrix short shifter

4.11 LSD

Delrin transmission mounts

Delrin differential mounts


BC coilovers

Weld in rollbar

Racing Beat swaybars

Adjustable endlinks

Poly bushings throughout


Corbeau FX1 Pro seats

G Force cam lock harnesses

RE Amemiya shift knob


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