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FK8 x S2000 Cars & Coffee

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

I'm gonna be real with y'all - these are all iPhone shots. I didn't take my camera to this event because I didn't think I'd want to cover it for the site. I mean, when is a dealership cars and coffee ever that great? Once I got there, I realized I made a mistake and there were a bunch of cars I wanted to photograph. That said, some of the photos actually came out better than I feel they would have on my camera which is exciting and depressing.

The event was a collaborative effort between New England Type R - an FK8 focused group - and New England S2000 and was a convenient 15 minutes from my house at a local Honda dealer south of Boston. I feel like every event is at least an hour away and it was nice to be able to sleep in for a morning event.

I linked up with Jason Yung beforehand to wash our cars in my driveway and roll out together. I think he's annoyed at how much attention his daily gets versus his actual build.

The car was bought pre-modded with a JDP carbon fiber front lip, carbon fiber hood, Mugen skirts, hybrid taillights, and a half cut bumper. The car rides on Advans RGD2s with RE71Rs with a J's Racing axle back being the only engine mod.

The moment I realized I made a huge mistake not bringing my camera was when I clocked eyes on this DC5. The Mugen aero it wears is complemented by a J's Racing hood and J's Racing fenders.

The car was loaded with cool details that appeared the more you looked at it. J's Racing brakes are an exciting choice to see amongst the typical Spoon Monoblock and Wilwoods you typically see on Hondas.

Mugen representation continued to the interior with Mugen buckets draped in Takata harnesses. Outlining the interior structure is the purple cage with titanium cross bars and door bars.

Next to the DC5 was this true Japanese market Champ White DC2 Integra Type R. The exteriors of these cars need very little so it was for the most part preserved with the main alteration being Spoon SW388s.

Speaking of Champ White, of the 15 or so FK8s in attendance, all but 3 were painted Honda's notorious shade of white. I really liked this example on black Gram Lights 57DRs lowered on springs. It also had an HKS Hi-Power Spec L - one of my favorite exhausts on this chassis.

My favorite FK8 of the day was Eric Pollard's equipped with Mugen's lip kit and CE28s. The Thanos rear lip thing is starting to grow on me the more I see it.

Under the hood was an HKS intake with the carbon air box and a rad Carbing strut bar.

New England Type R's booth featured this rarity of a non-white FK8 sporting a lot of aero and a set of Work CR2Ps.

Inside were lots of red suede to match the factory red seats and a contrasting white EVS Tuning roll bar taking up the car's rear end.

Holding down the S2000 camp was this gray example that I suspect was an AP1 with an AP2 bumper on super fat tire wrapped mag blue TE37s. The carbon fiber hard top and Mracing mirrors complemented the gray color perfectly.

Next to it was a Berlina Black AP1 on Matte Blue Gunmetal Volk ZE40s.

There was a Japanese market AP1 in attendance with a livery paying homage to the Fast and the Furious S2000. The carbon fiber hard top featured an interesting pink carbon weave.

Last but not least, this unsuspecting AP2 hid a K swap under the hood. The owner said he had issues with his previous F series engines and swapped for a more robust engine from Honda. Outside of the swap, the car maintained a tame exterior with BBS LMs and AP Racing brakes comprising the majority of it.

Despite being entirely iPhone snaps, I was actually pretty content with some of these shots. Regardless of the photos, the whole point of the site is more showcasing the cars and passion of the north east and the people I come in contact with rather than how good of a photo I can take or to write a novel.

Observe, enjoy, I love you.


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