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Quicky: Chance Encounter - Chevy Spotting at a VW Event

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

H2Oi and its "strip" antics are an experience like none other. Part of its appeal is the surprises that lurk in every nook and cranny. If you can dream it, the odds of finding it slithering up and down Coastal Highway or hidden in a parking garage are higher than you'd expect.

Despite being fully aware to expect the unexpected, I was still blown away by the discovery of these two machines parked up at a restaurant while I assume the owners enjoyed their meals and the sight of me losing my mind in the parking lot.

By pure chance, I was making a u-turn and happened to catch these two creations out of the corner of my eye. It's not often you see body dropped trucks anywhere you could consider north east, never mind trucks of this quality and style.

This second generation S-10 was a sight to behold! The color pallet and scallops are not something I would have dreamt up but laid out in the metal, I couldn't imagine a better finish for this build. Parked amongst regular traffic, it had such an incredible presence about it.

There's nothing better than a pickup melted completely flat on the floor. Imagine what the original owner of what was once a mundane, small work truck would think of the art piece it has become.

Accompanying the second gen S-10 was this first gen S-10 sitting equally as low but carrying a much different take on what is essentially the same ideology. Rather than the lowrider feeling of small wheels, white walls, and an artful paint scheme, this S-10 was tucking much larger wheels deep into the fenders. Many car people feel accomplished tucking an inch or so of wheel into their fender and this slab-sided truck is stuffing almost half its wheel in the shadow of its assumably tubbed arches.

Despite being more captivated by the green second generation, I think if I were to take one home myself, it'd be the red first generation. Something about the more boxy styling and that impressive tuck can't get out of my head. Which would you prefer?


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