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Quicky: Never Stagnant

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

We all get a little tempted by change, right? Going the same places and doing the same things day in and day out can become boring and tedious. A little change can bring a lot of excitement, and cars are never safe from the winds of change. Between changing details, and changing the car itself, we always have that voice in the back of our heads cycling through "what ifs..."

What if you swap to that set of wheels you found for sale? What if you went a little bit lower? What if you sell your car and buy that other model you've been obsessing over lately?

Thanasi and Bryan are definitely victims of this type of thinking.

Both cars began as similar bases, both being silver AP1s, but have resulted in two quite different builds.

Thanasi's S2000 began as a bone stock AP1 in the common shade of Silverstone Silver and boasted almost a quarter million miles on the clock. Over the span of a few months he amassed a pile of desirable parts like the ASM rear bumper and rear flares, Voltex front bumper and splitter, Spoon front fenders, Buddyclub tails, and what he describes as "God's wheels," TE37 Sagas. This pile of goods and an "aged" looking S2000 were dropped off at Wicked Design Group for a full makeover in Nord Gray Metallic, borrowed form the new NSX.

Not long after he finished the build, Thanasi shipped it to California with him when he moved and a couple months after that, the desire for change was overwhelming and he sold it. The decision was not surprising because in his relatively short driving career of 10 years, he's owned a CU2 TSX, VA WRX, diesel Grand Cherokee, C4 Corvette, MK7 GTI, ND Miata, and a Chevy Volt and it was rare that one car stuck around for long. Since selling the S2000 he's purchased a heavily modified 996 911 C4S with GT3 aero and a rwd conversion. That 996 is also in jeopardy of being sold and it'll be exciting to see what it gets replaced with.

If you'd like to see some color pics of the S2000 and see what he ends up in next, check him out!

Bmak...err...Bryan's S2000 was a case of picking up where someone else left off. Bmak has similarly owned millions of cars but he tends to always circle back to Hondas. He's even owned another S2000 prior to this one, and missing his old red one and a friend that happened to be losing interest in his AP1 project has led to Bmak picking up where his friend left off in the build and where he left off with S2000 ownership.

Currently the car sports a very simple exterior with just a CR front bumper differentiating its Sebring Silver body. The Advan RGIIs it runs came from a beater Accord coupe he owned that was stock other than a sub and these pristine Advans for some reason.

He's working on some ideas for the future and I'd love to get a more thorough look at it once it's complete.

Succumbing to the whole car ADD feeling is something I wrestle with a lot. On one hand, it's fun to experience as many chassis and manufacturers as you can, but on the other hand, it's also an incredible feeling owning one car for many years and perfecting it over time. There's a case to be made for both methods of building and ownership, and whatever method you subscribe to, make sure you enjoy it!


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